Happy Happy Move Vol.2

The Happy Happy Move – Vol.2

Do you remember the Happy Happy move? It was the very first article on my blog exactly one year ago! OK, OK, it was one year ago yesterday, but I didn’t want that day to be the anniversary, for I don’t like the number 13. So the anniversary will be on May 14th from now on! 🙂 My blog, my rules. 😛

My blog is 1 year old today! So, you’re in for a treat; I made a video!

First, here is the Happy Happy move, for those who don’t remember it.

So, the Happy Happy move is also 1 year old today! And it is time for her to be put into a choreography and hang out with other moves. Let’s see how can we do that…

I hope you had a laugh! The Happy Happy move seems to fit in well with my jazz moves. 😀

This is me just improvising, which is better than making a choreography; I don’t need to think of specific moves and then practice them. Right?

Don’t forget to read about the Happy Happy move and how it got its name in the original post.

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