Sunborn Yacht Hotel from the docks

The Time I Stayed at a Luxury Yacht Hotel

The Occasion I was lucky enough to travel a lot with my previous job as a product design engineer. We used to go to exhibitions, conferences, trainings, visiting suppliers, manufacturers and partners. Or just to work from another location, since it was a big company and had different branches in different cities and countries. Once […]

travel while sick

What to Do If You Get Sick Before a Trip

If you get sick with a cold before a trip, you want to get better as soon as you can. Similarly, if you feel like you just start getting sick, you want to reverse the symptoms as soon as possible. So when I had started feeling sick about three days before my big trip to Singapore […]

Happy happy move

The Happy Happy Move

Here I am in Singapore airport, waiting for my flight to Indonesia and eating kaya toast and eggs, a traditional Singaporean breakfast. But why am I moving my hands like that? The night before back in our hotel, my friend Pamela had showed me this video, which was SO funny. In some kind of kids […]