About Me

Hello! I’m Alkisti.

I am originally from Greece, but I have lived in 4 countries and 9 cities. I have always liked travelling and getting to know new cultures, since I went abroad for the first time at 11. So now, having gathered experience from living abroad and travelling to many countries, I decided to start a travel blog to share my passion, but mostly to motivate myself to go through the 3000+ photographs I took in my recent trip to Singapore and Indonesia. Here you will find stories, tips, destinations info, things I learnt and more.

I also love food and I like trying new and unusual dishes. So, you might see some of my favourite food as well. In my other life, I am a product designer and I love dancing and music. I have been dancing lindy hop for the past two years and it makes me happy. Combining my passions is one of my favourite things to do, so you might see some dancing here as well… 😀


Why Bananas?

Why name my blog Travel Bananas, you ask? Well, firstly I love bananas as a fruit and I think it is a great travel food. Secondly, I am a little bit ‘bananas’ myself! I believe I am the good kind of ‘bananas’, although sometimes I can be ‘bad bananas’. I will elaborate on that on a separate post…


The best way to get daily updates, stories and pictures is to follow me on Instagram.

Feel free to contact me about anything. I would love to hear from you.


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