Beach at Kefalonia island

Hello and welcome!

Since this blog has been abandoned for a while now, I wanted to see who still visits it! 😶‍🌫️ Tell me if you visited my website recently by clicking the button below. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Please type anything in the text field ✍️ before sending. It’s not necessary to fill in your name, but you can, if you […]

Sunborn Yacht Hotel from the docks

The Time I Stayed at a Luxury Yacht Hotel

The Occasion I was lucky enough to travel a lot with my previous job as a product design engineer. We used to go to exhibitions, conferences, trainings, visiting suppliers, manufacturers and partners. Or just to work from another location, since it was a big company and had different branches in different cities and countries. Once […]

9 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Travelling

With the opportunity of Black Friday / Cyber Monday and the Christmas holidays coming up, I thought it would be a good occasion to write an article about gift ideas; presents you can buy for those loved ones who are passionate about travelling. Or if YOU are the one who loves travelling, you could casually […]

travel while sick

What to Do If You Get Sick Before a Trip

If you get sick with a cold before a trip, you want to get better as soon as you can. Similarly, if you feel like you just start getting sick, you want to reverse the symptoms as soon as possible. So when I had started feeling sick about three days before my big trip to Singapore […]

Acropolis view from rooftop

Athens in Summer – 5 Things Not to Miss

Are you visiting Athens (Greece) this summer? Here I am going to write ideas and tips about things you can do and places worth visiting, if you are going to be in Athens during the summer months. I am not going to write about the classic sightseeing and touristy stuff to do, as I’m sure […]

Keep fit, swim in the sea

9 + 1 Ways to Keep Fit while on Holidays

I got inspired by my recent holiday in the Greek island of Astypalaia and I decided to write about different ways you can easily keep fit on holidays. This list is more suited for summer beach holidays, but some of the ideas can be applied elsewhere. You can do just one or all of these […]

Paolo and Donato's Liverpool cafe

My 11 Favourite Liverpool Coffee Shops

As a coffee lover, I have explored most of the cafes in Liverpool city centre, where I lived for the last 2 years. I have to say that Liverpool is a great place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, with coffee places for all tastes. I mostly go to independent or small cafes, since […]

Happy happy move

The Happy Happy Move

Here I am in Singapore airport, waiting for my flight to Indonesia and eating kaya toast and eggs, a traditional Singaporean breakfast. But why am I moving my hands like that? The night before back in our hotel, my friend Pamela had showed me this video, which was SO funny. In some kind of kids […]